1955 Orig Fender Stratocaster Polishing Cloth

1955 Orig Fender Stratocaster Polishing Cloth

SALE Is For Everything in 1st picture. The Cloth Bag Instructions. As it came from Fender.. The Strap and Cover is not included

1955 Orig Polishing Cloth RARE EVER FIND

OK You want some Excellent Shape Case Candy? Before you flinch at price.. Ask 1 question? You Ever going to see this again for sale and not in a $50,000+ Collector Grade Fender Guitar? This has been in my personal stash for years. I paid 40k in 2007 for a mint under the bed never played 1955 Strat. AND I parted it out.

All the parts sold and I came out ahead 6 or 7k.. But I kept this cloth.. And you get great parts by great guitar's. I never seen another for sale this old and clean. I was first to take out of wax paper bag since 1955. No one has ever done what I sell and offer in Fender Start parts..YES it was a risk taking that solder gun to 40k bought Strat. The buyers were happy to restore their piece of "life"

Original Fender Polishing Cloth, Instructions, Wax Paper holder...like never even opened

This can Bring your Investment Grade Stratocaster to a HIGHER Level!

You do not get the yellow fender cloth opened that these items is sitting on..:)

Price: $1,999.00

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