1953 1962 1959 1963 Tweed Up Dam It!

1953 1962 1959 1963 Tweed Up Dam It!

1963 Tweedmaster.. by Eddie Vegas

Body came from Roger Fisher (Heart) and body was 1st Nancy Wilson's (Heart)

Nancy got it from Fender in 1982 (Fullerton 1952 USA RI) for project she wanted Fender to build. Fender did a Tweed on it for her, She did not like Fenderís take on it.. Nancy stripped it and it sat in a closet for 30 years

I bought it from guitar player in a band now with Roger and used Real 1950ís Fender (Amp) Tweed on it, ( Dan Shinn, Lays Guitar did the work)

I built and put together with a Real 1963 Fender Tele Neck/rest real vintage parts.

Um I beat Fender at itís own gameÖ.. Just sayin.....:)

Left to right

1962 Fender Champ

1953 Fender Deluxe

1959 Fender Harvard

1963 Fender Tweed Telecaster

What comes around... I finish*****

I'm not weird.. I'm me

Now my off spring... IS WEIRD!...:)

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