MOGAMI 20' Platinum Guitar Cable With Silent Plug NEW

 MOGAMI 20' Platinum Guitar Cable With Silent Plug NEW

New in Box

MOGAMI 20' Platinum Guitar Cable With Silent Plug


The heck with the write below... MY WORDS... This is the Best Cable I ever used, Ever! You can plug out cord in or take out with Amp on 30 No Pop, Clunk, or..oh shit.. I didn't put amp on stand by, or your sound guy is texting his women and not watching you up on stage, and your million dollar PA just went.. Ouch!!!!!

It rolls up nice and easy! Alot of high end cables just don't roll up, or stiff when using.. I HAD THEM ALL!

I am not the best player in this world, but I am blessed to own,sell, experience the Best Tone most only dream of... Cables do make a difference.. All the little stuff make up the Big picture. I don't rely on reviews.. I am the review.

This is a 12" cord.. Just the right length.. Life is short not to own these silent quality cables. Once you use these cords, your others will not be used again.. Well I rambled away here.. The reason I'm selling a few of these, (making no money off them) One day I couldn't find a guitar cord.. I mean I have guitar's ALL Over the house, my shop.. Amps in the Kitchen.. I got angry, went online and bought 2k in guitar cords, threw them ALL over the place.. I got a cord.. WHEN I WANT A CORD.. GUESS WHAT???? I still can't find a freaking cord half the time!!!! Is what it is.

The platinum cable is a flexible, lightweight, large diameter, and high performance cable that allows you to dramatically improve your sound quality and increase your freedom of movement. Mogami Platinum Series instrument cables are equipped with Neutrik's SILENT connector at the the guitar end of the cable, eliminating pops and squeals when unplugging your guitar from an amplifier.

Price: $149.00

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