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NO EMAILS, Will be answered: Unless your a buyer and about My Items only. I have ALL my items on my site. So no need to ask if I have that item still or do I have this or that item your looking for. . If at bottom of the page if it does not say sold, I have that item in stock and you can purchase right from that page. If your looking to sell a guitar or parts... NO YAHOO, Gmail, Or Hotmail emails will be answered. You pay for internet, use your email threw that service.The internet is rampant with the scum trying to steal from me, and ALL use them free emails. ALL.  I can get 100+ emails a day. I'm busy enough. All I just wrote is in God's love, not to be rude or hard. For a 1 man shop, the emails have gotten out of hand. I have to work smarter not harder.. Peace: Ed

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Check Box to agree to my Terms * You pay for internet service. So why use a free email to contact or buy from me? Does anyone buy and send money from a seller with a free yahoo.com and un-verified PayPal from another country or even the USA? The fraud is unreal and people with stolen cards and free emails service are trying to rob me. I am done. If your PayPal is with a free email you can email with a paid one and we go from there. I will do all in my knowledge to have the internet low lifes and ungodly brought to justice.

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